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Hi! My name is Jamie Nelson and I am a self - proclaimed Foodie! For years, I’ve owned and managed restaurants, High Bar and Malbecs, in Venice Beach, California. I'm happily married to my gorgeous husband, Drew, and we are proud parents to a beautiful baby boy! They are the loves of my life! Now, I love my job, meeting and talking to my customers, but what I LOVE more is the Food. The Smell of the Food. The Taste of the Food. And how it makes everyone feel....HAPPY! Of course, a little cocktail doesn't hurt either. And if I'm to be perfectly honest, a little drink and a lot of soul put into a delicious meal is the most amazing union I’ve come to know...And I'm going to share it with you as I travel around the world on....Jamie’s Road Show Kitchen! I'll be traveling the globe discovering and sampling all kinds of concoctions and creations, writing reviews and sharing experiences. Ill also be sharing with you other foodie - type helpers who want to make your l

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